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Applications for Public Health
Nursing Practice




As part of our goal to create accurate resources for public health systems, we’ve added a quick reference for your nurse practitioners: a visual guide to relevant intervention strategies for Public Health Nurses.

AB Med is your resource for the most current recommendations, best practices, and data for health leaders. We hope this updated tool inspires you to grow your public health practice and support environments to keep all communities healthy.

Unsure where to start? We can help you develop a new intervention plan or built on an existing initiative. Together, we can contribute to the vision of the founder of the American community nursing, Lillian Wald: “The call to nurse is not only for the bedside care of the sick, but to help in seeking out the deep-lying basic cause of illness and misery, that in the future there may be less sickness to nurse and to cure.” (Wald, 1915, p. 65)