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NEW COVID-19 Healthcare Solutions


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AB Med is proud of our services in the fight against COVID-19. We support the HHS, FEMA, US Treasury Department, The State of Arkansas and numerous healthcare facilities and corporate partners in keeping their staff and patients healthy. Our services are designed around specific needs and tailored to your individual facility, team and patients.




Our COVID-19 related performance ranges from keeping your patients healthy and offering vaccine administration and surge capability to designing a customized screening service for your employees. Setting up portable field hospitals, establishing telehealth services and implementing a community paramedic program are all ways we can assist you in providing quality care to your patients in this challenging time.



Management Consulting

Practice Management

Staffing Workforce


Infrastructure Platforms

Download our new Covid-19 Healthcare Solutions PDF. Learn more about our latest vaccine administration service line among other solutions to assist your facility provide the quality of care your patients deserve.


COVID-19 Healthcare Solutions

Medical Screenings


Keep your Workforce Healthy

  • Customized questionnaires centering around infectious diseases
  • Taking and recording of vital signs at entry into facilities
  • Decisions on “fit to work” or “no-entry”
  • Customized advice for employees on follow-up plans
    after a warning is enacted

Keeping your staff and employees healthy is paramount to returning to work safely. We are able to work with your specific needs and team to develop a screening process for your employees to enter the facilities safely. From questionnaires and temperature checks to Antibody and PCR testing, we are able too perform all necessary screenings you might require. We can develop a personalized plan for your needs. Lastly, we can offer in the spot telemedicine consults for employee questions and advice on medical care when they screen out.


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Vaccine Administration

vaccine administration

Protect your Community

  • Vaccine Distribution:
    • Cold Chain
    • Record Keeping
    • Management of PHI
    • Rural and Remote Outreach
    • Mass Campaigns
  • Specialized Personnel
  • Vaccination Equipment/PPE

Vaccine distribution is one of our core capabilities. Our past experience with cold chain vaccine distribution, record keeping and management of PHI, penetration in rural and remote communities and mass campaigns make AB Med a trusted and successful partner. As facilities lack infrastructure and planning to distribute vaccines to their communities, we are able to augment existing programs with labor or consultation and even can develop entire programs from the concept to execution and performance. 


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Medical Surge

Medical Surge

Manage Increased Medical Demand

  • Physicians specializing in Emergency Medicine, Critical care and Hospital Medicine
  • Registered Nurses with backgrounds in critical care and emergency medicine
  • Respiratory therapists
  • Prior COVID-19 experience
  • Teaching capabilities to augment existing staff skill sets

Preparing your facility or coping with an already increased demand for patient care is challenging. Surge capacity and medical team multiplication is one of our specialties. AB Healthcare can deploy teams of critical care, hospitalist and emergency medicine physicians to your location along with RNs and respiratory technicians. AB Healthcare has been supporting multiple federal deployments through FEMA and HHS in areas such as New York City, New Jersey, New Orleans, Southern California and Washington state as well as IHS sites in the Navajo area. Our teams travel with PPE and are turnkey operations. In addition, our teams have vital experience on the front lines of the COVID-19 battle and are able to teach and mentor existing healthcare staff on best practices, guidelines and real-life skills already learned.


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Community Paramedicine

Community Paramedicine

Expand your Reach to your Community

  • Testing for infectious diseases
  • Delivery of medical services including:
    • IV medications
    • Wound care
    • Pill counts
    • Program compliance
    • Acute care
    • Preventive medicine
    • Eliminating barriers to care

The ability to extend the footprint of medial services into patients’ homes is more important now than ever. AB healthcare has the capability to design and implement a community paramedicine program that facilitates paramedics providing medical screenings, care and follow-up on patients in their homes. This can be implemented with a telemedicine component involving a synchronized physician consult or through pre-designed protocols and an asynchronous environment.


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Portable Facilities

Portable Facilities

Increase your Geographic Footprint

  • Primary care clinics
  • Acute and Emergency Medicine services
  • Isolation units
  • Critical Care
  • Diagnostics lab and imaging
  • Freestanding and independent
  • Provision of additional bed space

The deployment of portable medical facilities is a well known solution to increase a facility’s geographic foot print into new regions, cope with an increased demand of patients and isolation requirements and eliminate barriers to care. From a primary care clinic and specialist consultations to a portable emergency department with critical care capabilities, these facilities can be custom designed for your need and locations.


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Tele-Health Services

Community Paramedicine

Extend your Reach

  • Hardware packages including advanced diagnostics:
    • Stethoscopes
    • Endoscopy
    • Ophthalmoscopes
    • Otoscopes
  • Software packages for patient’s personal mobile phones
  • Physicians including subspecialists
  • Behavioral Health

AB Healthcare believes telehealth is not the future, it is here now. From designing a customized telemedicine platform to augmenting a physician workforce on your existing service line, we can initiate or improve telehealth services. We partner with several industry leaders and have the capability to bring both telehealth hardware and software to the team. From establishing patient care stations in existing facilities to software targeted for the patient on their personal mobile device, we have solutions for all needs. Our team is also able to assist with credentialing and licensure needs.


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The AB Med team is here for your facility and your community. We have the knowledge and experience to help you navigate through the challenges of the pandemic into a safer and more resilient facility.

We are here for your Facility and your Community