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How Does Your Facility Measure Up?

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Health care facilities that make safety a top priority prevent or reduce hazards and realize many benefits. Preventing accidents helps with employee morale and team retention. Providing a safe work environment fosters focus and cohesion among workers, in turn causing them to deliver better care to patients—which both reduce costs and increases patient satisfaction. As the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed, safety is a multifaceted, crucial part of our day-to-day operations—and its importance cannot be overstated.


This self assessment quiz lets you check in on how your facility measures up to industry standards for safety. It offers an anonymous evaluation of your current safety precautions and procedures, offering feedback on where you might need to improve your existing policy in order to put safety first.

Evaluate your organization's performance in the following safety related tasks:

Culture of Safety, Management Action, Employee Participation, Protective Equipment, and Education

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While it can be easy to take a reactive approach—solving problems as they come up—taking a moment to step back and reevaluate how prepared you really are in terms of preventative and responsive procedures and precautions is a must for all healthcare providers as society continues to navigate COVID-19.

Learn some tips on how to put a safety and health management system in place that works to reduce risks, prevent accidents and protect patients as well as all workers connected with your health care facility.

Step 1 - Culture of Safety
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As you consider safety in your facility, AB Med is here to help. Not only can we help you do a more in-depth analysis of your unique safety needs, but we have a wide array of resources to help you easily create and implement top-tier safety standards to keep your staff and your patients protected during these unprecedented times.

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Self-Assessment Safety Quiz for Healthcare Facilities